The South Australian College of English is small to medium sized independent Colleges which allows for more personalised service to students.

With a strong commitment to student welfare, SACE Staff always provide special care by helping students with all services including accommodation placement, job placement, counselling, tour booking services and further educational assistance to ensure students get the most out of their ‘SACE’ experience.  SACE is proud of its’ caring and friendly environment.

Tour Booking Service

Through the Club SACE Programme, students are able to book popular travel and holiday trips in Adelaide and Melbourne. Club SACE also provides a range of inexpensive, fun social activities for students both during the week and on weekends.

Education Counselling Services

We would like you to make the most of your time at SACE.  Our staff can help you with any aspect of your course in Adelaide, Melbourne.

On the first day students are advised of the appropriate person for advice on living in Australia, banking, medical assistance, accommodation, travel in Australia, study at another SACE College, and further study in Australia.

Education Placement Services

SACE has had over 25 years of experience in providing free and independent advice and assistance to students who intend to continue their studies in Australia. SACE has close links with many leading Australian Universities, as well as Business and TAFE Colleges in Adelaide. SACE also works closely with leading high schools in Adelaide to ensure a smooth transition to secondary studies.  SACE is able to provide students with educational advice and guidance, enrolment and application assistance for future academic goals, together with High School, TAFE, Business College of University placements.

SACE Job Advisory Service

This free service is available to assist SACE students on Working Holiday and Student Visas.

SACE Accommodation Service

SACE takes much care in selecting homestay and farmstay families to match student needs and suitability.  You will be welcomed as a member of the family in their friendly, relaxed household, conveniently located near the College.

Other Accommodation Options

Hostel accommodation and serviced apartments are also available.