TOEIC Testing

Test Dates

The South Australian College of English is an accredited TOEIC® Public Test Centre.

We offer the TOEIC® test on the following official test dates:

18th January 2018 4th January 2018
15th February 2018 1st February 2018
15th March 2018 1st March 2018
12th April 2018 29th March 2018
10th May 2018 26th April 2018
7th June 2018 24th May 2018
5th July 2018 21st June 2018
2nd August 2018 19th July 2018
30th August 2018 16th August 2018
27th September 2018 13th September 2018
25th October 2018 11th October 2018
22nd November 2018 8th November 2018

What To Bring: Please bring photo ID and a current passport sized photograph.Arrival Time: Please arrive at the South Australian College of English Campus by 1:30pm.  The test will commence at 2:00pm.

How to get to the campus

Direction to get to campus:

Location: Level 1, 47 Waymouth St Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: (08) 8410 5222
Fax: (08) 8410 5661


For testing in other locations please see the full list here.

If you have any problems organising a test, please email